Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Successful Cookie Sale

I think I've finally recovered from our cookie sale.  It really was a lot of work, but once again, we had a very successful year!!  We made $266.50 from our little 50 cent cookie sale.  What was really amazing is that we were almost completely sold out before the 11 am Mass.  The selection was looking so sad by that time, we didn't even have the sale announced at the Mass.  We sold out!!

It started on the Sunday before, I made all the dough for the cookies. We were so blessed this year to be able to use the parish kitchen to bake the cookies.  On Monday morning, 4 of us got together.  It took us less than 2 hours to bake over 200 cookies.  The past 2 years, it would take an entire day to make the cookies in my oven.  Look at this beauty!!! We packaged them all and put them in the freezer.  It was nice to be able to put them in the church freezer instead of worrying about having room in mine.

On Friday, I made 100 chocolate covered pretzels, 5 batches of Rice Krispy Treats and 8 batches of frosting.  My kids kept letting me know that if I should happen to break any of the pretzels, they would be more than happy to eat them for me.  Such generous kids!

Saturday morning, we met at the church to decorate all of those delicious cookies.  This is a huge job.  I learned a very valuable lesson this year.  We didn't have as many moms to help this year and we were lacking one very important job, someone to really supervise the girls.  While the moms were frosting, the girls were putting sprinkles on the cookies.  When I say putting on the sprinkles, I should be saying DUMPING on the sprinkles.  Wow, did we go through a lot of sprinkles.  A whole lot more than in the past couple years.  It made for huge mess to clean up.  This doesn't even come close to the mess that was made.  So next year, one mom will just sit with the girls to keep an eye on things and there will be lots of plates for the girls to sprinkle over!!  Packaging all the cookies is what takes us the longest.  I still think the pretty packaging helps sell all those cookies!!

Next year we need to double Mary's famous chocolate chip cookies and add at least a couple more batches of sugar cookies. 

Thank you Lord for our very generous parish!

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