Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bingo Night

As a part of this month's virtue Kindness we wanted to show some kindness to people outside of our little group. What better way to do that than to visit the lovely ladies and gentlemen at Elmcroft Assisted Living and spend a nice evening playing bingo with them?

Everything was nicely set up when we arrived so we settled in and waited for the rest of the players to arrive. At first the girls were a little shy and the older folks had a hard time hearing their whispered answers but after the first couple of bingos had been called and the girls realized that this was a place where they could use their "outside voices" we had a great time.
Some of the participants clearly played for the prizes and smiled like little kids when they got to take their pick from an array of sweets and snacks. Others very much enjoyed the company and we had some nice conversations going on throughout the evening.

After the last bingo was called the girls helped put away all the tables and chairs. Once everything was back in place we thanked everyone for the lovely evening and headed out into the single digit winter weather.

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