Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Getting Ready for the Bake Sale

Time to get the prep work done for our bake sale.  There is a lot of work that goes into those 50 cent cookies.  I sent out the list of ingredients we need for the sugar cookies and frosting.  I wanted to get it written down so that next year I don't need to calculate it out again.  Considering we basically sold out last year, I added an extra batch. This ingredient list is for 7 batches of cookies using this recipe.

This is the list I sent out to all the moms.  I tried to divide it so that it was basically even.  The ladies filled the list up very quickly which I really appreciate. 

2 lbs butter -
2 lbs butter -
2 lbs butter -
2 lbs butter -
2 Dozen Eggs -
2 – 5 lbs bags Flour -
2 -  4 lb bags Powder Sugar (confectioners' sugar) - 
5 Cups Solid Vegetable Shortening  -
10 lb bag of sugar -
4 containers of sprinkles and 5 lb bag of flour 

I've started making all the prayers that we attach to each cookie.  Since we made a little over $200 last year, I need to cut out at least 450 hearts.  My Silhouette will be humming quite a bit over the next week.  

I will make the dough the day before and then a few of us will be meeting in the social hall kitchen to do the baking.  I can't wait to test out the ovens.  It should save us at least a few hours of work.  I bought a couple more heart cookie cutters so that we will be able to crank those cookies out.  Then we will freeze them until the weekend and then the decorating will being.

Hopefully having the list will help take away some stress next year.  I love our cookie sale and am excited to see it all come together.

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