Monday, October 21, 2013

First Service Project of the Year - Get Well Cards

Over the summer, I received a letter from the Pastoral Care Department of a local Catholic hospital.  They were asking for handmade pick me up or get well cards.  I thought it would be an easy and fun idea for our group.  Also, it was a great way to get the girls thinking about helping others.

I had to really think about how to do this project.  My daughter can work on one card for an hour if she is really into it or spend a minute slopping it together. Because I wanted to make sure the cards were thoughtfully done, I decided to pick out 5 designs for the girls to choose from and let them assemble the cards.  They were then able to write some encouraging words inside and draw a picture if they wanted to.

I wrote some suggestions up on the chalk board for what they could write inside.  It's important to remind the kids that God is capitalized.  From past experience, kids forget to do this a lot!!  I also had a handout with ideas.  It would have helped to actually hand it out.  Next year, I won't forget.  The girls certainly needed help with ideas.

Here are the designs we used.  Having a die cut machine definitely comes in handy.  I had a sample of the design with all the pieces for the girls to assemble themselves.  They did a great job.  The girls and moms were able to complete almost 70 cards!!!  I can't wait to take them to the hospital.

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