Wednesday, October 16, 2013


A couple of years ago, I took on the crazy task of making aprons for all the girls.  God is so good!!  I had never sewn an apron before so I know it had to have been His idea. I don't have a pattern, but I did write down the measurements.  They are fairly easy to make, one size fits all and there's plenty of room on them for all the badges. 

Using a coupon from Joann's, I was able to buy a bolt of fabric fairly cheap and all the moms chipped in.  If I remember right, it was about $5.00 each.   The great thing is that we had so much material left that I will be able to continue making aprons for new members for the next few years.  While they will  have to purchase their aprons, that money gets put right back into the group.  When the time comes to buy more fabric, the money will be there.

I love the way the girls look when they all have on their aprons.  If we want them to all look uniformed, all they have to do is put on a white shirt.  It doesn't matter what they wear on the bottom.  They just tie on their aprons and they all look great.

Time to get started sewing aprons for new members.  So much for getting a head start over the summer.

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