Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of Those Days

I had one of those evenings.  I'm sure we've all had at least one.  It just seemed nothing that came out of my mouth felt right.  It was such a simple, easy lesson on modesty and yet my thoughts didn't seem to connect.  Having daughters who are excited to have me leading the group doesn't help.  They don't just shoot up their hands at every question asked, they let out a gasp to go along with it.  They want to be helpful but it just throws me off.  It makes me happy that they love Little Flowers, but boy can they drive me crazy.  I am exhausted by the end of the meeting.  So tonight I have the worst headache and feel deflated. 

I know a big part of it is my lack of confidence.  Satan does a good tearing me down.  He leaves me full of self doubt.  How could I ever think that I could lead such a group?  I have to remind myself why I do it.  I also remind myself that I truly feel it was God calling me to do this and if He called me, then He will lead me.

I know I can't be the only person who has ever felt like this and that's why I decided to be honest.  Being a leader can be tough.  I know tomorrow will be a new day.  Nothing like a couple of Advil and a good night's rest to put things in perspective.  Tomorrow I can share the fun we had at the meeting.

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  1. You are not alone! I totally can relate to this post. From the daughter who makes noises every time she wants to answer to the self doubt. I lead a Little Flowers group and teach my daughter's PSR class (formally known as CCD) so I can relate. I also find when I don't fully surrender to God's Will it leads to frustration. What I mean by that is, when I get something in my mind that "must be done" in the meeting and it doesn't happen then I feel like I failed or it wasn't a good meeting/class. When in fact, did I really turn myself & my lesson over to God & His Glory? It's usually an ah-ha moment. Keep up the good work! May God bless you & your Little Flowers!