Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cookie Sale

Well what an exhausting weekend!!  Started off on Friday making 85 chocolate covered pretzels, 2 batches of rice krispie treats and 4 batches of frosting.  I really wasn't sure how many batches of frosting to make.  Good rule of thumb is one batch for every batch of cookies.  This would make sense, but my brain just wasn't getting it.  We ran out when we were frosting on Saturday and I had to run home to make more.  Luckily I live less than 10 minutes from the church so it was quick.

On Saturday, the Little Flowers got together to frost our 200 sugar cookies and set up the table.  All the girls and their moms showed up to help.  It made the work so much easier.  We set up one set of tables for the moms to do the frosting.  The girls were at another set to frost and then another table for some moms to put them in bags with ribbons and prayers.  While the girls did so well, they did get a little bored after a while. That was certainly a lot of cookies.

We sold the cookies after Mass on Saturday evening and then the 2 Masses on Sunday.  God was truly with us.  We made more money than we had in cookies!!!  People were so generous and bought up almost all the cookies.  We only had about 16 treats left in the end.  My heart is just bursting with joy.

I had been so stressed and I know that Satan was tearing at me, trying to make me doubt myself.  I stuck with it though and all the hard work was so worth it.  It wasn't all about the money either.  With this being the first year that the Little Flowers was open to the parish, it was nice for the girls to get some visibility.  I loved seeing our banner hanging up.   I also loved  the opportunity for us to share God's love through the simple prayers attached to each cookies.   One other thing that was important to me was to provide a fundraiser that everyone was able to participate in.  Some fundraisers are so expensive that even if a person wanted to help, they might not be able to afford to.  With a 50 cent cookie sale, I think most everyone can afford to buy one cookie.  Don't get me wrong.  I know that 50 cents might be a lot to a little old lady who is on a fixed income, but I also know she goes home feeling good being able to help out a bunch of little girls.

I am off to take notes for next year and more importantly relax for the rest of the evening!!!

Oops, one of the leftovers.  Smudge is compliment of a little one.

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  1. Oh, it all looks soooo good! And satin loves to pick at us when we are stressed! I'm glad you worked on!