Monday, January 28, 2013

Meeting Format

It wasn't a hard choice deciding whether or not to have other moms involved in our meetings.  I really didn't want our group to turn into a babysitting service.  Moms attend all meetings with their daughters.  I think the moms get as much out of the meetings as the girls.  We are growing in our faith together, and it has been working out great.

We meet two Mondays a month from 6-7:30 PM.  At the  first Monday meeting, I hand out badges to any girl who has completed the activities from the prior month.  We then go over the new bible verse and song for the month, and start right in on the lesson.  The moms take turns leading the lesson, although with a lot of new girls this year, some of the moms are a little hesitant to sign up.  It hasn't been a problem.  I love running the meetings so I take whatever month needs to be filled.  After the lesson, we do a craft or activity.  Some months,  it's based on the virtue.  Others, it's based on the saint of the month.

Our second meeting of the month is left open.  We are starting to work on stuff for our Spring tea so those meetings be used for working on decorations.  We will also have an etiquette lesson and practice for our modesty fashion show.  It could also be used for a field trip.  I love that it is so flexible.

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