Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Off To A Great Start!!!

And so begins a new year for our Little Flowers group.  I'm going to force myself to do a better job documenting our meetings.  Things just sort of fell apart last year.  I think we are off to a great start.  We had two new girls come to our kick off / information meeting and they signed up to join.  This brings our group up to 11 girls.   I think that's a good number.  

We started off with our prayers and then went around the room to introduce ourselves.  I let the girls introduce themselves and then introduce their mothers.  They had to share something about each of them.  Always interesting to hear what kids will come up with to share.  Then we had some snacks and just visited for a while.  I made devils food cupcakes with swords and St. Micheal toppers to celebrate Michaelmas Day.  

Then we had the girls go to one room and the moms to another.  I had sent out an email a few weeks ago for the girls to be praying for our new priest.  Most of the girls brought those prayer totals with them and then they made a spiritual bouquet to give to him.  We had offered up our beginning prayers for him just in case some of the girls hadn't done it, they could still make him a flower.  The flowers were attached to yummy brownies because let's face it, who doesn't love a little treat as well. When the girls finished the bouquet, Jessica had them playing a game to help get to know each other better. 

Meanwhile, in the other room, we were all about getting things set for the year.  We voted on opening up our tea party to all the ladies of the parish.  We also decided we were up to having another sleepover.  Although no one ever get enough sleep, the girls just love it!!  Then I basically went through the registration packet and discussed some of the activities that we have planned for the year.  

The time just flew by and it was time to close with our prayers.  Of course, none of the girls were ready to end which I guess is always a good thing.

Our first official meeting starts next Monday.  We can't wait for another great year!!

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