Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Welcome Back!!!

Finally!!  For the last few weeks, I have been so excited about getting back to Little Flowers.  It feels like it has been forever ago since our last meeting.

We started off our year with a 'Welcome Back Pizza Party'.   I thought it would be a good way to let the girls get some play time in and for any new members to get acquainted with the group.  We had one new member so that takes our group up to 10 girls.    The evening started off with food.  I tried to keep things simple as I knew the girls would be too excited to eat.  One thing I need to remember for next time is music!  It would have made for a more festive time.  Of course our Little Flowers CD would have been perfect.

Before the games, we took a walk over to the church to have a visit before the Blessed Sacrament.  I got the idea from the Little Flowers Girls' Club.  What a wonderful idea to help us always remember to put God first.  Joan has a little prayer posted there that I typed out for all the girls.  We were only there for 5 minutes but enough time to thank God for our group and also work on those church manners and reverence.

After our visit, I had Jessica take the girls downstairs to play some games.  They played an m&m game.  I mean, come on, who won't open up a little with the promise of m&m's?  Here is a copy of the game.  I had to scan it in as I still need to figure out how to save my files from my Silhouette to share.  It will be on my list of things to do.

They also played with the prayer ball.  I've seen people make these out of just plain blow up balls too.  It was totally worth the $10.00 for me as the girls love it.  It is a great filler too for when we need to take up some extra time.  I am always amazed at how excited they get when I bring the ball.  They all want a chance to catch it and pray.

While the girls were busy having fun, I had a meeting with the moms.  It worked out so great doing it that way as it really gave us a chance to take care of business.  We discussed the activities for the year and I stressed the need for volunteers.  We have a really great group of moms who are dedicated to bringing their daughters to Little Flowers.  I want them to feel that this is their group too, not just mine. 

And so begins the new year.  Our first official meeting is in a couple of weeks.  I still need to go back and finish up blogging from last year.  Oh yes, it's good to be back!!


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  1. I'm certainly glad you are back :) have a lovely club and do a wonderful job leading. Looking forward to seeing your activities here on the blog. God bless your LF group!