Monday, April 15, 2013

Tea Party Etiquette 101

To get ready for our tea party this spring, we had a practice with a lesson in etiquette.  I set the tables with the church's dishes (wanted to save the china for the big party).   We had lemonade and served some fruit and angel food cake kabobs, rice krispie treats and some fresh fruits and veggies.  It gave the girls a chance to practice going through a buffet line and pouring their own punch.  I want them to feel confident at their tea party.

After the girls got their food, we started our lesson.  There was a lot of information to go over, but I certainly didn't want the girls to feel overwhelmed.  I came up with a great way for them to remember the most important manners.  I cut out paper flowers using my Silhouette and placed the manner in the middle of each flower.  As we reviewed the manners, the girls would find their flower and put it in their vase which was just a jam jar filled with some rice.  The girls were really paying attention and when I mentioned one of the manners, they would start waving their flower in the air.

The girls got to take their bouquets home with them to share with their families.  I encouraged them to practice them every night at dinner.  By the time the tea party comes, they will be little manner experts!!

Here is a list of the manners on their flowers:
  • No Burping
  • Elbows off the Table
  • Chew with your Mouth Closed
  • Use Please and Thank You
  • Napkin in your Lap
  • Speak Kind Words
  • Use Proper Utensils
  • Bottom on Seat 
I think we all learned something about manners and tea party etiquette this evening.  I know I learned a lot as I researched for the meeting.  Our family is certainly guilty of using poor manners at the dinner table and a lot of it is just laziness on my part.  This was a fun way to review for moms and daughters.

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